Not Your Average Consulting Company.

About Strahes

We focus on results. Period.

We believe that all challenges to your growth can be solved using high-leverage, simple solutions.

We’ve seen it thousands of times and will show you how.

We are the opposite of stuffed shirts and stiff corporate culture. We are full of life, excitement, joy, and fun.

We know that business is about life and lifestyle. It is about purpose and meaning and contribution.

Strahes means results.

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Not Your Average Consulting Company

We focus on results. Period.

We believe that all challenges to your growth can be solved using high-leverage, simple solutions. We’ve seen it thousands of times and will show you how.

We are the opposite of stuffed shirts and stiff corporate culture. We are full of life, excitement, joy, and fun. We know that business is about life and lifestyle. It is about purpose and meaning and contribution.

We seek to help every employee and every executive live more fully into their Core Purpose. This empowers them to be happier, produce better results, and contribute more to the company’s value and valuation.

To fulfill this focus, sometimes changes need to be made – including reducing staff, cutting old processes and adjusting company culture.

We are simplifiers who love high leverage. Small, focused changes often create the biggest results.

And did we mention that we are driven by and focus on results. If we can’t make you more money, we don’t deserve yours.

Strahes means results.

Meet the Team

Strahes Consulting is a family company. We work with the top advisors and analysts in the world to ensure you have the latest strategies, market data and insights to reach your goals.

Joshua Boswell

Joshua Boswell

Founder. Investor. Father.

My name is Joshua T Boswell. I am obsessed with business growth, coupled with effective systems that allow you to enjoy your desired lifestyle.

Some business people are happy to sacrifice everything to get ahead. More power to them, I suppose. But that is not me.

I know enough billionaires, millionaires and founders of major international Fortune 500 companies to know that it is possible and probable to build a massive business without sacrificing family, friends, health, or hobbies.

The secret lies in focusing on high leverage systems that produce massive results. The intense focus can – and should – be propagated to every division of your company… sales, marketing, product development, HR, customer service, operations, etc…

You can have time to build your success… and enjoy it with little or no regrets.

My obsession with this principle goes way back to when I was 11 years old and my parents got divorced. My dear mother, Kristine, was left alone to raise six children (five boys and a girl!) on her own.

Yes, we were poor, but mom always figured out a way to make things work… without destroying her family relationships or neglecting personal priorities. She was a hustler, an entrepreneur, and a warrior. We had nice cars, a great home, styling clothes and plenty of food. Thanks, Mom!

I set a goal when I was 21 to become the world’s greatest husband and father. To me, that meant having a large family, making millions and spending a great deal of time growing up and growing old with my loved ones.

Yes – I believe in having it all. No compromises. Family. Money. Success. Health. All…plus some.

Today, I enjoy a passionate, exhilarating marriage to my wife of over 27 years, Margie. She gave birth to all 11 of our children. We travel the world together and strive to experience life to the fullest each day.

Randy Long

Randy Long


Randy is CEO of Long Business Advisors, LLC, creator of the Bulletproof Exit Process and author of two books, The BraveHeart Exit, 7 Steps to Creating Your Family Business Legacy and Bulletproof your Exit.

His unique business perspective, built upon an extensive background of more than 30 years of experience in law and finance, enables him to help business owners build and transition or sell their business, allowing them to create a family business legacy.

Josh Boswell

Josh Boswell

Entrepreneur. Adventure Enthusiast. Funnel Guy.

At 6 years I was making and selling bread door to door in the microscopic town of Clancy MT. I remember the first time I got a 5 dollar bill. I felt like the richest kid alive. After that, I was caught; hook, line and sinker, into the entrepreneur life.

That was my first freelance gig. Since then I’ve thrown myself into dozens of ventures learning the ropes of successfully running companies, on and offline.

Jumped in with both feet as a 13 year old working on my Dad’s business: Copywriter Marketer. Built the website, learned sales funnels, studied the ins and outs of online marketing from the pros: Brendon Burchard, Ryan Diess, Perry Marshall, Rick Sapio, Frank Kern, Russell Brunson and others.

In the last decade, we’ve grown our company to 10+ employees, trained 30,000 students, business owners and entrepreneurs how to make money online, and started many other companies along the way. (Some successful, others not so much. haha)

I love to travel, backpack, play sports and chess, reading a good book. I’m a beach-bum at heart, love the outdoors, barbecue and my family.

Patrick Davis

Patrick Davis

President, Patrick Davis Consulting

After 33 years, Patrick Davis remains focused on helping companies, governments, campaigns, committees and candidates leverage opportunities to succeed.

Patrick Davis Consulting, LLC is eager to help clients – new and old – take advantage of the economic, regulatory and social successes brought about in the last four years.

Jared Boswell

Jared Boswell

Builder. People Person. Analyst.

My name is Jared Boswell. I like building things.

I’ve built crossbows, bookshelves, a few small sheds… even a zip-line.

I’ve also been building businesses since I was 6 years old. Starting with a car cleaning operation for the folks in my neighborhood. $20 for a car full interior/exterior wash. Not bad, huh? I even got tips for my excellent service, I might add. 😉

Entrepreneurship definitely runs in the family (can you tell?! LOL). And I owe most of my business success to my Dad. Understanding people, working hard and providing real value was the foundation of my education.

Sometimes people ask me why I work with my Dad and brothers in a family-owned, family-run consulting business.

After years of travel and work all over the world, I’ve haven’t found people who are more honest, hardworking and fun.

If you’re lucky enough to work with them, you’ll see what I mean.

A few years ago we went on a speaking tour to over a dozen cities around the United States.

It was phenomenal to meet in-person with people we’d known for years in predominantly online business relationships.

At the end of the tour, my biggest takeaway was a sense of how much entrepreneurship changes the world.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we have more power to change the world than most people on earth.

By staying in business, we make the world a better place… and fill our own lives with of meaning and joy.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford


Mark Ford a.k.a. Michael Masterson, is an American author, entrepreneur, publisher, real estate investor, filmmaker, art collector, and consultant to the direct marketing and publishing industries.

Ford is the author of more than 2 dozen books and hundreds of essays on entrepreneurship, wealth-building, economics, and copywriting. He has also written 4 books of poetry, a collection of short stories (Dreaming of Tigers), and a book on word use titled Words that Work.

Much of Ford’s business writing is published under the pen name Michael Masterson. His books, Automatic Wealth and Ready, Fire, Aim, were recognized on the Wall Street Journal and New York Times Best Sellers lists.

Ford is active in real estate development both in the United States and abroad.

Since 1993, he has been the chief growth strategist for Agora, Inc., a publisher of newsletters and books.

Isaac Boswell

Isaac Boswell

Organizational Expert. Awesomesauce.

I’m also passionate about providing enormous value to the world. I believe that money is simply a value exchange. If I provide more value to people they will give me more money in return.

Giving enormous value always results in getting enormous value.

I believe that being an entrepreneur allows the most incredible lifestyle ever. You have total control over every aspect of your life, and you get to help more people.

I am obsessed with creating businesses that are truly revolutionary. Businesses that change lives and impact people for good. Since I was 15 I have studied every book, article, and business that I can get my hands on that teaches the principles of creating revolutionary businesses.

Thats what I want for you and your business. Revolutionary Growth.

Tom Sharp

Tom Sharp

Organizational Expert. Awesomesauce.

Strahes Consulting isn’t just about helping you increase revenues… it is about helping you optimize your company so you can fulfill all your dreams, plus some. At the core, it is about delivering the results of having it all.

We stand ready to help you on your journey. Book a call today.


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