Hello my friend. I wanna share with you a simple strategy that you can use right now to instantly increase your sales volume by 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%.

This is a strategy that I have used for years with myself and with my clients, and the beautiful part about this is it doesn’t just increase sales volume, what it allows you to do is it allows you to transform your return on adspend.

This is particularly powerful when you’re running ads to a new audience and you’re wanting to increase your customer base and really call out your ideal buyer.

This strategy accomplishes all of that stuff and really optimizes your ad spend so that you can spend more quickly. So that you can put more money into the market and have faster returns and build your company faster.

It has exponential impacts all across the board because a little tweak at the front end of your funnel, an increase of 5 or 10 or 15% in sales rate and response rates at the front end, radically transforms the back end because now you have more buyers that you can upsell and cross sell more people you can service, more people you can bring into your world, thus more ambassadors talking about your stuff, more viralocity all those kinds of different things.

So let’s talk exactly what this is. I’ve drawn a little diagram. This diagram right here represents your checkout page. So whatever that checkout page is, this is what it represents. And oftentimes what you’ll have here is you’ll have on the side, while on the top here, you’ll have a headline, and this headline reiterates the basic product or service that they’re getting.

And then you’re gonna have description, and then you’re gonna have testimonials that says description. Okay. And then, alright here, all this is just the contact info and payment info.

And then this guy right here is the magic, right? So this box right here, is where you get the lift in your sales and what we call this, we call this the bump offer, or as I like to call it, the in-cart bump offer.

And what it is, is the short bit of copy plus an offer that they can click the button and it instantly adds to their order total. And this is a magic thing because a buyer is a buyer. In other words, the best time for someone to buy is when they’re in the process of buying.

Think of this, when you go to any kind of a grocery store and you walk to the checkout line and on the side there there’s gum and candies and magazines and water bottles and all kinds of different stuff over there, and lighters and different things that go on. And they have all this stuff, and these are just the bump offers as you’re going to check out. You’re like, oh, maybe I did need some trident gum, and you stick it in there. And it’s just a small increase in sales that makes a huge difference over time.

The other thing is, is that we’re invoking a lot of commitment and consistency.

So when somebody buys from you, they’ve made a commitment to your world. They’re more likely to continue to make commitments and continue to make purchases as they go along. And so every single time you can get them to buy something else, they make a deeper commitment to buy something else in the future.

That’s the law of commitment and consistency. They’re gonna be consistent with that buying, uh, decision over time. This also dramatically increases the response rates for your ads and the return on investment. Like I said, if you can get just a small little bump right here, then that will dramatically increase the initial customer value and allow you to spend money faster.

You can outspend your competition because you’ve got more cash coming in right up front, especially if you have this cart as the, this is our initial purchase and let’s say this initial purchase is $7 and you have a bump offer that’s $19. You’ve just almost tripled your customer value right off the bat.

If you have this like a $47 offer something, you offer this at 20 or $30, then you’ve close to doubled your customer value right off the bat. This has a huge impact and the ability to outspend.

Now, how do you get people to actually click on the little box? Cause you’ll have a little box here and you’ll have some copy and a description and an offer right here.

And how do you get them to click on the box to add this to your order? There’s five key points that I want to talk about for just a minute and, and go over with you.

1. On Purpose

So key point number one, this is maybe the most important key point, and that is, is this offer must be on purpose. What I mean by on purpose is, your buyer is at this stage for a reason.

They have some kind of transformational journey that you’ve promised to take them on. They’ve got an end goal, an objective, some kind of outcome that they want to accomplish, and they have come here with the intent of getting that achievement.

Well, if you have an offer right here that is completely outside of that purpose, then they’re not going to want to do it.

Remember, if they came here, let’s just say they came here for weight loss and they’re wanting to lose weight, or they came here because they want to grow their company, or they came here because they want to have more influence or impact in the world. Or they came here because they want to fix time management issues, whatever that is, that end transformational point, that journey that they’re going on needs to be concurrent. Your bump offer needs to be congruent with that and purpose.

So the first thing is it’s got to be on purpose. It’s gotta be on purpose.

2. Different Modality

The second thing that it needs to do, is it needs that you need to have here a different modality. Okay?

Different modality. What do I mean by different modality? Is if they are buying a book, don’t offer them another book. Think of it like this. When they’ve come, they want an end objective and they want a vehicle to get them there. And as soon as they have that vehicle, they feel like that itch has been scratched and they don’t need to scratch it again.

So if you are gonna have a book, And then you offer them another book in your bump offer, your response rates will be low. But if you offer them a book and then you offer them an audio book, your response rates will probably be higher. It’s a different modality for getting to the same end. Or you could offer them inside this bump offer, you could offer them some kind of a course, or you could offer them a template or a tool. You could offer them some kind of supplement or some kind of additional resource that’s different modality from the one that they’re getting right now. Okay, so that needs to be a very important point. It’s gotta be a different modality.

3. Easy to Describe & Sell

Point number three. The third point is, is that you need to have a, a very well known, easy to describe solution, so easy to describe, and to sell.

So if you’ll notice this is all happening inside of your cart. That’s it. So you have this tiny little box, maybe 50 to 150 words at the most that you’re going to use inside this box to sell it.

That means this needs to be a fairly well known solution with very clear outcomes, very clear benefits, and very clear, easy to describe, you know, process of what they’re getting. So for example, if they buy the book, the audio book, easy to describe. Everybody understands that this is very simple.

A template if they’re buying a book and the intent is to learn how to increase sales in their sales funnel – just something that you might want to consider – if they’re increasing sales in the sales funnel, and then you’re giving them a template of a sales funnel; that’s an easy description. So you want to think what’s easy to describe and easy to sell.

4. Huge, Exclusive Offer

Number four is you want to have a very specific, huge, exclusive offer. So what I mean is this, you need to have something here that’s exclusive to this box only. Do not offer this anywhere else. Because what happens is, is as you mess around with saying, oh, this is exclusive, you can only get it here and then it shows up other places. Your ideal buyer is not dumb.

They get it. This is like when you offer, you know, limited time offers and offering expires this weekend or on a Tuesday, or Wednesday and then a week later, the offer’s still available. Your list begins to follow you and they know what is happening. They, I, trust me, they know what is happening and they start to discount you. They start to have lack of trust in you.

If you say, this is the exclusive offer and it’s only available here, and then it shows up in five other places, you’ve broken trust with them. So create an exclusive offer and also a huge offer in other words. If this right here, um, is just gotta be big. So the audiobook normally sells for 30 bucks or 20 bucks or whatever it is, offer it for $5 or $10 or $19. Make it a good discount.

If you have a course or a program or some kind of, you know, uh, a beneficial thing for them, then you want to give them a big discount that’s exclusive, only available here. Remember, what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to increase your response rates so that you can have higher return on your ads spend.

So make this a huge exclusive offer that really helps them. Okay.

5. Next Step

The last thing that you want to do right here is you need to have this offer be congruent with their journey. Now, this has to be on purpose, meaning that it’s going to help the reach their journey.

But this right here, step number five is your next step. What I mean by this is, is that when you look at, you need to be able to look at their journey and say, okay, they are at point A and they want to get to point D, and there are five major steps that they have to take on that process, so where are they at right now?

If they’re buying this, whatever this is, you know that that’s a step in the process. And so what’s that next step? What’s gonna help them carry on their journey, not just accomplish similar goals, but what’s gonna sequentially be in the right order? Now, if you’ll follow these five key steps, so you’ll be on purpose, have a different modality, have ? something that’s easy to describe, that’s a huge, exclusive benefit, and delivers the next step for them, then your response rates on this right here will be extremely high. They’ll be extremely high.

And you can, you can literally transform your business, particularly if this is the front end of your funnel. You should use a bump offer everywhere in your, like never sell anything without some kind of bump offer, because it always increases sales. But especially at the beginning of your process of your funnel, be sure to add this in so that you can get that rapid return on ad spend, increase your initial customer value and be able to outspend the competition.

This will give you a 10, 15, 20, 30% bump in your sales volume so that you can have more money to spend on ads and to grow your company and increase your value, and to be of service to more people.

All right? So install this bump offer, use these five key points and let us know how it goes.

Talk to you soon. Bye now.