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We Deliver Results. Guaranteed.


Strategic Planning for Profits


HR Training for Sustained Growth


Results-Based Fee Structure

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The Strahes Difference

We Deliver Results. Guaranteed.

Strategic Planning for Profits

We use proven systems and principles to help you:

Set Up New Growth and Profit Centers

Gain Dominant Market Position

Increase Valuation

Grow Existing Profits

See 30-60 Day Ad Spend ROI

Establish a Profitable Exit Position

Enter New Markets Profitably

Unlock Acquisition Opportunities

Increase Subscriptions and Reduce Churn

Results & Performance Based Fees

We believe that if we can’t make you money, we don’t deserve your money. We offer a variety of agreements, including:

100% Pay-On-Results

Tiered Payments, Based On Deliverables

Performance Bonuses

Long-Tail Performance Bonuses

HR Training for Sustained Growth

The best plans need the best teams to make them happen. Proven training systems help you:

Eliminate Internal Communication Errors

Create Team Unity

Increase Morale & Reduce Churn

Build Resilience At Every Level

Infuse Passionate Company Loyalty

Implement Changes Quickly

Sustain Growth

Inspire Each Team Member To High Performance

Why Work With Us?

Because we’re fun, full of energy and have a blast with our clients.

And… Because we deliver results.

Specifically we focus on increasing your revenues. We do that by boosting sales… saving you money on vendors and processes… or both.

We know what works because we’ve been deep inside hundreds of companies – big and small. We tested thousands of campaigns, systems, and solutions. Our experience and results tell us the things that really matter most to deliver results for you.

How We Help You Grow

At Strahes we love to consult, create power points and share great ideas… but we love helping you get results even more.

We help you get results that really matter to you by focusing on these areas of your business:

And because we know that nothing in your company happens in a vacuum, we always look at the big picture. It doesn’t really help to have beautiful key metrics in the marketing department if actual profits are down, right?

We provide simple, high-leverage solutions that move the needle without adding crushing overhead.

Let’s work together to create real, long-term, sustainable growth that you can easily measure and track.


Strahes Consulting is trusted by some of the best companies in the world to deliver results in simple, high-leverage, low-overhead ways. See what we’ve done for others… and what we can do for you.

"Electrify Your Next Event"

“Joshua is one of the most gifted speakers and crowd pleasers I have ever seen. If you want to electrify your next event — or if you need to breathe life into your video presentations — Joshua is the man for you.”

Clayton Makepeace | President, ResponseInk

"I've Personally Used Him"

“Joshua is not only a good friend that I have great respect for, he is also one of the fastest up-and-coming stars of the copywriting world. In an amazingly short time, he came from nowhere to writing extensively for companies like Corel, Microsoft, Google, Sony Media Software, Easter Seals, and St. Jude Hospital – he’s even got a couple of controls under his belt. How good is he? I’ll just say that I’ve personally used him to write one of my promotions and a number of articles.”

Bob Bly | “America’s Top Copywriter”

"Best I've Seen"

“I wish we could hire you as one of our national sales guys. The way you word stuff, and the results we’re getting, is just incredible – some of the best I’ve seen.”

Gordon Braun | Toshiba America, Strategic Alliances

“Persuasive, Innovative, & Compelling”

“Joshua – thank you very much for the work you did on the CCF package. It was not an easy project and had a pretty tight deadline, but you delivered. I really appreciated your professional approach and your copy was persuasive, innovative, and compelling.”

Dale Schmincke | Vice President, Catalyst Marketing Group

“Very Nice Work”

“Good work on both the full letter and the brochure. You’ve done a great job and turned things around so quickly. I’ve really enjoyed the experience of working with you – especially the high quality of writing. Your experience and skill is plainly evident. I wonder if you would be willing to provide our staff writers with some written details on how and why you did what you did with this package. Perhaps you would even be kind enough to join us on a conference call and give some training? I think it would really help them all out. Very nice work Joshua. I’m really pleased.”

Bernie Schroeder | Direct Marketing Manager Corel Corporation

"Speed & Professionalism"

“I really like what you have done with this package. The energy is great and you do a darn good job of selling me on the package. Another thing that impressed me was how well you handled this assignment. The speed and professionalism in which you handled this project was excellent.”

Patrick Coffey | BizOps Manager, Agora Publishing

"Creative, Patient & Insightful"

“Thank you so much for such a powerful, thoughtful, caring day. I am even more impressed by you in person – if that is possible – than I already was by seeing you on the screen! You not only were totally prepared with exactly what we needed for the training, but you were creative, patient, and insightful during the hot seats. Thank you for the opportunity to be here, and thank you for your support.”

Deborah Owen | Copywriter & Coach

"Amazing... Mentor & Coach"

“Joshua Boswell is a amazing… success – and mentor and coach. His advice helped land a client I’ve worked with over a year now, with more work coming. His example includes the ability to focus on what matters most. He has mastered the tools, style and techniques that make for great direct response writing. He cares about the success of others. He simply understands and is able to communicate what brought him – and can bring anyone – success.”

David Higbee

"Phenomenal Conference"

“Thanks so much for the over-the-top phenomenal conference. Through the years I have spent tens of thousands of dollars at continuing education conferences. Yet never before have I walked away feeling so fulfilled…so empowered…and so equipped with practical, how-to take-home steps to make the hours and dollars spent multiply in value like the day in Charlotte.”

Ruth Hoover

“By Far The Best”

“I have worked with many other copywriters in political and business campaigns and Joshua is by far the best I’ve ever seen.”

Alan Mikkelsen | Stonewall Consulting & Mediation

"I Can Count On Joshua"

“When I need an extra set of hands to manage the writing workload, I know I can count on Joshua to deliver compelling copy on deadline.”

Cheryl Osinga | Senior Copywriter Sony Media Software


“Joshua, thank you for making the Vice President’s trip to Montana a success. You wrote some excellent promotional pieces, created an outstanding invitation, and put in a lot of calls and hard work.”

Doug Hoelscher | Political Coordinator, The White House


“Joshua, thanks for the work you did on the website. I’ve got to tell you – working with you was not only professionally rewarding… it was fun. I really enjoyed it. During most of this project, we were all in new waters, but you helped us through and made it easy to get finished up. On top of that, the copy was awesome – you nailed the message, the tone and the content. Thanks again for all your hard work.”

Kit Schutte | Account Manager, Easter Seals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain, Inc

"Extremely Professional"

“I have worked with him in some troubling circumstances and have found him to handle whatever is thrown his way in an extremely professional and timely manner. He works incredibly hard in achieving the best in the assignments given to him.”

Dan Morgan | President, Meredith and Associates


“I consider Joshua to be an outstanding individual. He is highly motivated, well organized, grounded in his faith, devoted to his family and committed to his beliefs. Joshua is a relentless salesman. Many times in party politics we continue to do things that don’t work year after year. Joshua brings unique real world entrepreneurial experience to his work in party politics. His determination to try new things and take calculated risks is refreshing.”

Patrick Davis | Regional Political Director, National Republican Senatorial Committee

"Highest Of Business Ethics"

“In a work environment that seems to have more than its share of scoundrels, liars, and outright thieves, Joshua is truly a shining exception. He is scrupulously honest, practices only the highest of business ethics, is of impeccable moral character, and treats his clients with respect and dignity. Quite simply, his honor and integrity are beyond reproach.”

Randl Ockey | Wheelwright Publishing

“Tripled Client’s Business”

“Joshua Boswell is a machine. He’s a copywriting machine – he cranks out persuasive words with speed and skill. He’s also a learning machine. He came into my 3-month coaching program one month late, tripled his client’s business in 90 days and walked away with the top prize as the #1 student in the class. A year later he’s my new Content Czar, beating out 18 other applicants. He doesn’t just provide copywriting but a comprehensive understanding of sales processes, web traffic, market research and customer psychology. A top pick.

Perry Marshall | Author of “The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords”

“10,000 New Customers”

The challenge: I didn’t have much experience writing press releases. I turned to Joshua for help knowing that he had written a few press releases for major clients. He immediately took time away from his busy schedule and got me up to speed on both how to write a compelling press release, and also how to talk the talk with the client. The end result? The press release got picked up by Forbes.com. The design house and their client were beyond being pleased when the release resulted in 10,000 new customers in the next month alone. Without Joshua’s expert coaching and quick response, there’s no way I could have done so well for my new client.

Bill Zoch | Copywriter, Wall of Fame

“Easy to Work With”

“Joshua is an extremely engaging writer, full of innovative ideas, and very easy to work with. We have worked with Joshua successfully this past year and look forward to working with him on many more projects.”

Katie Yeakle | Executive Director, AWAI

How To Work With Us?

First things first… loosen the tie (if you have one) and roll up your sleeves.

Ready? Yes!

Book A Call

Because we focus on a limited number of clients per year, we are only able to reply to serious inquiries.

Our ideal client is doing between $20 million and $500 million and is prepared to invest in serious consulting to exceed their goals and milestones.

Complete the form and schedule a call below to get started.

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Let’s Be Friends

During the call, we get to know each other.

If you don’t like us… and if we don’t like you… it’s hard to work together, right? So let’s see if there’s good chemistry and cultural fit.

Since we’re both smart humans, we’ll figure that out in about five minutes or less.

Now, down to business…


Answer Intense, Deep Discovery Questions

We ask you probing questions and discover your challenges and what results you want.

This is the time to be totally real, honest and vulnerable.

(Don’t worry… we’ll be as kind and gentle as possible…) 🙂

Our team will call you with follow up questions on your discovery forms.


Research, Analyze, and Reveal

Now it’s time for us to go to work… and we do this part before you pay us anything, cool, right?

We do deep research, analyze your situation and create a proposal of how we will deliver results for you.

This is Phase 1 of our proprietary ten step analysis process.

On a follow up call, we’ll reveal our secrets to you… in outline format of course… you gotta pay to see the full version and have us work with you.


Deliver Results in High Leverage Ways

Once you accept the proposal and payment terms, we go to work with you. We complete our analysis and research, then begin helping you implement the solutions.

Central to our efforts is delivering results. We show you how to move the needle on key metrics (especially revenue) that matter most to you.

We only focus on the key, high-leverage things that matter most. Our solutions are simple and targeted to bring high returns with zero or minimal overhead increases.

Are you ready to begin? Start today by booking a call.